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Main Settings

Shouldn’t you give your new team members a warm welcome when they are on board?

And it’s important to know when team members leave so you can allocate your resources and prioritize team tasks.

Did you know there is a setting that sends notifications when members join and leave your team? Well, now is a good time to take advantage of it!

Set Workplace / Group Notifications
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace / group admin


  1. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Manage Workplace / Group section and select Workplace / Group Notifications.
  3. Turn on the notification settings.
    • Alert When Members Join/Leave │ Turn this on to alert the owner and admins when members join or leave.
    • Show Chat Message When Members Leave │
      Turn this on to show a chat message in the chatroom when members leave.


  • Member join and leave messages do not count towards the badge count.
  • The member join /leave notifications is shown in the personal  notification certer of the owner and admins.
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“Can I leave the demo workplace if I had tried out all the features?”
“I joined the wrong workplace by mistake, how do I leave?”

Of course, you came to the right place!

However, if you are resigning, be sure to work out all the details with your managers and the HR Staff as mentioned here.

  • When you leave a workplace, you are not allowed to join it again without permission.
  • When employees leave the workplace, all buddy-level contents, including chat histories and posts are erased as well, so be sure to ask other members to backup necessary contents before then.
  • If the member rejoins the workplace using the same account within one year, all buddy-level contents will be restored when you befriend your colleagues again.
Leave the Workplace
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users

STEPS │ App & Web

  1. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the buttom and click Leave This Workplace.
  3. Confirm and follow the on screen procedure to leave the workplace and you will be moved to the WorkDo Network.


  • If you are the only member in the workplace, your workplace will be deleted once you leave.
  • If you are the workplace owner, you will be asked to transfer the ownership before leaving the workplace.

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At last, the project is finished and the group is no longer needed, you may ask “how do I leave the group?”

In WorkDo, group members can leave the group whenever they wish, the group admins also have the authority to remove members from the group. The same goes for the groups in WorkDo Network.

For resigning employees, instead of leaving the groups could ask the workplace admins to remove them from the workplace and all the groups they are in with a few clicks of the button.

Remove Members

Permission:Group membersGroup adminsGroup owner
  1. Enter Group Settings.
  2. Click the Member List.
  3. Web: Click Remove. App: Click on a member then click Manage Member followed by Remove Member from the Group.
    • Remove
      Remove members from the group and they can no longer view the group posts and files unless they rejoin the group.
    • Block & Remove(Web only)
      Blocked members can no longer rejoin the same groups with the same account. Use Block & Remove when you don’t want a member to access the group files.
Leave Groups
Plan:All plans
Permission:Group membersGroup adminsGroup owner
  1. Enter Group Settings.
  2. Leave This Group.
  3. Hit Confirm to leave the group.

  • Once members are no longer in the groups, they cannot view the group data and files unless they rejoin the group.
  • Only the group owner is allowed to remove admins from the group; the admins cannot kick each other out.
  • Workplace owners and group owners must transfer their ownership to another admin before they are allowed to leave.
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