Why is there’s a member with two employee profiles?

When a new member joins a workplace, an employee profile will be created for this person automatically, however, in special instances, a duplicated employee profile could be created of the same person.

  1. Member leaves then rejoins the workplace again.
  2. Error during the Import Employee Profiles process.
  3. Member registered a new WorkDo account then rejoins the workplace.
  4. Reemployment.

Whichever the case may be, once a person leaves the company, it is wise to mark his/her employee profile as terminated so they can no longer access the workplace’s data.

You may configure the settings using the web version of WorkDo if you are the HR Staff of the HR tool.

Troubleshooting Duplicate Employee Profiles
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminTool admin
Role:EmployeeManagerHS StaffHR Viewer

STEPS │ Continue using the old profile: All past records and data are inherited.

Scenarios:When a member accidentally left the workplace then rejoined using a new account, or accidentally removed by the HR Staff.

As the HR tool is interconnected to tools like Attendance, Check In, Leave Pro, Leave, Overtime, Expenses and Approvals, it is crucial that every member’s profile is correctly set.

Every member’s Login Email or Mobile Number is used bind the person to their profile, and it cannot be occupied by other account. So you need to delete the newly created employee profile then set the old profile to Activate.

  1. Switch to the HR tool.
  2. Click Employee Profiles.
  3. Delete the newly created employee profile.
  4. Locate the old employee profile using the filters provided.
  5. Checkmark the employee.
  6. Click the yellow Activate button.
  7. Click Confirm in the pop-up window to complete.

STEPS │ Use the new employee profile.

Scenario:When a terminated employee is being rehired.

Generally, when a company rehires an old employee, everything starts from scratch, so using a new employee profile is fine in this case.

  1. You do not need to do anything to the old profile.
  2. Simply edit all the require information in the new employee profile as needed.


  • By default, all employee profiles displayed are currently in employment. If you would like to view profiles in other statuses, please use the filter provided.
  • When a member rejoins the workplace all buddy-to-buddy data would recovery when they add all friends and colleagues back.
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