An employee left the workplace or was removed by mistake, is there a way to rectify it?

When employees left the workplace on their own or were removed by the workplace HR Staff, they can no longer access the workplace data and files. As such, when employees resign from their posts, the HR Staff must verify their last day of work then remove them from the workplace or ask them to leave the workplace.

However, should you accidentally removed an employee or they left the workplace by mistake, here’s how you can rectify it!
Just invite the employee to rejoin the workplace and make sure the employee profile is intact, then everything is all set! These settings require the help of workplace admins and HR Staff to maintain to safeguard workplace information security.

Rectification Method

STEP 1|Rejoin
Depending on the situation, you can either ask the employee to rejoin on their own or send them an invitation to join the workplace using their existing WorkDo account.

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STEP 2|Employee Profile Adjustment
There is an employee profile of every workplace employee found in the HR tool. When an employee rejoins the workplace, a duplicated employee profile will be created. So please follow the below FAQs to make the necessary adjustments in the employee profile. This will allow the employee to resume using the advanced tools that are tied to the HR settings.

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  • Please note that when employees leave the workplace, all their chat histories and tool posts will be erased.
  • If a resigned employee rejoins the workplace using their original account within a year, all their chat histories and tool posts will be recovered in the web version of WorkDo, the app version, however, will only recover the tool posts only.
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