Can I leave a workplace?

“Can I leave the demo workplace if I had tried out all the features?”
“I joined the wrong workplace by mistake, how do I leave?”

Of course, you came to the right place!

However, if you are resigning, be sure to work out all the details with your managers and the HR Staff as mentioned here.

  • When you leave a workplace, you are not allowed to join it again without permission.
  • When employees leave the workplace, all buddy-level contents, including chat histories and posts are erased as well, so be sure to ask other members to backup necessary contents before then.
  • If the member rejoins the workplace using the same account within one year, all buddy-level contents will be restored when you befriend your colleagues again.
Leave the Workplace
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users

STEPS │ App & Web

  1. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the buttom and click Leave This Workplace.
  3. Confirm and follow the on screen procedure to leave the workplace and you will be moved to the WorkDo Network.


  • If you are the only member in the workplace, your workplace will be deleted once you leave.
  • If you are the workplace owner, you will be asked to transfer the ownership before leaving the workplace.

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