Are level admins and tool admins the same?

The biggest difference between a level admin and a tool admin is that one has control over the entire level’s settings and the other only has control over the settings and data of a particular tool. Let’s put it this way…

  • Scenario 1 │ Mike is the IT Technician who is responsible for maintaining the overall settings of the workplace in WorkDo, but he should have access to employees’ profiles. What’s his role?
  • Scenario 2 │ Richard is the head of the company and is the workplace admin in WorkDo, so how come he can’t view the employee profiles and their leave records?

The two scenarios represent a common misconception of authority and access control. Which is why WorkDo intend to separate the administrators and managers to satisfy different types of data management.

│ Admin Permissions(WorkDo Quick Start Settings) │

1 │ Level Admins

Much like a real company is run by executives, managers and employees, WorkDo reflect these roles as members, admins and owners. (Click to learn more

2 │ Tool Admins

Of course, there is a lot to running a company, different departments are in charge of different data and files. For example, the HR, Accounting and Marketing departments don’t exchange information. And it is with this mindset, WorkDo also designed different roles for different tools, and each role is only privy to what is allowed for that role. (Click to learn more

Scenario Sulutions
  • Scenario 1 │ Set Mike as the workplace admin to maintain the workplace settings, but for tools like HR, Attendance, Leave and Payroll, set the appropreiate personnel as the managers instead.
  • Scenario 2 │ Richard, the head of the company should also be set as the tool admin to gain access to detailed information.

  • Only the advanced tools have different tool roles for access control, and these tools are only for paid plan. Upon creating your first workplace, users have a 30-day trial period to try out all the tools and features of WorkDo. It is high recommended that all users take the opportunity and get an in-depth experience of WorkDo!
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