How to delete an employee profile?

It is possible that duplicated employee profiles got created during your trial period trying to bring employees into your workplace. “So how do I delete the duplicated profiles?” you ask. Well, just change the status of the profiles to Suspend or Terminate then you can delete the profiles for good.

If an employee’s profile has been deleted but he/she has not left the workplace, then he/she can only use the basic tools from this point on; all other advanced tools that require an employee profile to function will be locked. However, said employee’s past records and data will be kept for perusal.

Under normal circumstances, every employee only has one employee profile, and the workplace HR Staff could change the profile status accordingly to reflect the employment status.

Delete Employee Profiles
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminTool admin
Role:EmployeeManagerHR StaffHR Viewer


  1. Use the filters to search the profiles.
  2. Check the boxes to select the profiles.
  3. Change the profiles to Suspend or Terminate.
  4. Select the profiles again and click the Delete status to permanently delete the profile.


  • Please refer to your local labor laws on how long you need to keep resigned employees’ profiles and records for perusal purposes.
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