How to invite people to a workplace?

There are a number of ways team members could join a workplace and we’ll explain more here.

You could invite team members to the workplace if you are a workplace admin or the Workplace Privacy setting is set to everyone is allowed to invite other members to the workplace.

Invite New Members to a Workplace
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  1. On the workplace page.
  2. Click the Invite Members button on the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Select verification method.
    • Verify with company email address.
    • Verify by mobile number.
    • Verify by email address.
    • Verify via invite link, invite Network buddies or member search.
  4. Send invite link.
    • App │ Send the invite link via Facebook, LINE, Whatsapp, WeChat, or copy and paste invite link to external apps.
    • Web │ Copy and paste an uniquely generated invite link to other external software.



In Step 3, depending on the verification method selected, WorkDo will generate unique invite links for the unregistered users, this in term, will affect whether the users have to be approved by the workplace admins upon joining the workplaces.

Next, we’ll go through the 3 primary ways for members to join workplaces.

  • Self-join a Workplace
    Download and register WorkDo and the user will be guided to the Join/Create Workplace screen. Click Join Workplace and fill in the personal company domain email address to join the workplace.

Self-join a Workplace


  • Invite Members to a Workplace
    WorkDo will generate invite links based on the verification method selected and the invitees have to use the specified email address or mobile number to register before joining the workplace.

    • Verify with Company Email Address:Send The invite link can be sent to all the users who are using the same company email domain and will automatically join the workplace upon signing on.
    • Verify by mobile number:Target invite users with specified mobile numbers who don’t use company email addresses to the workplace.
    • Verify by Email Address:Target invite users with specified mobile numbers who don’t use company email addresses to the workplace.
    • Invite Link, Network Buddy or Search:This method is suitable for companies that don’t have a company email domain. The invite link generated can be sent to all users, however, the workplace admins have to manually approve each individual before joining the workplace.


  • Batch-import Employee Profiles
    The workplace admins have to use the HR tool to batch-import employee profiles to WorkDo, in doing so, the system will send an invite link to everyone who has not signed on to WorkDo using either the email address or mobile number.

  • Please note that although the permission for member invite is marked for workplace members and admins, however, this is entirely dependent on the privacy settings of the workplace.
  • When members are invited or join the workplace on their own, please use the HR tool to edit their employee profiles.
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