How do I unbuddy buddies?

Unbuddy removes your buddies from your buddy list. Your buddies will not be notified when taking the action. You will no longer see their shared contents and the chat histories will be erased as well.

Please be noted that if you have assigned tasks at the buddy level that are not finished just yet, be sure to back them up and post them in related groups before unbuddy them or in the event that they resign from their position!

Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Click Buddy Settings.
  2. Click Unbuddy.
  3. Click Unbuddy to confirm the action (Click the Confirm button in the web version).
  • When a member leaves a workplace, all user contents are removed as well, including posts and chat histories. So upon removing any member, be sure to back up this member’s tasks and posts into relevant groups first.
  • All the posts will be recovered if an unbuddied member is added as a buddy within 1 year. The chat history, however, will not.

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