• Make announcements on milestones or important issues
  • Share new information to everyone at work
  • Attach URL links, photos and files to task or note or event
  • Note reminder available so nothing will be missed


  • Track progress easily with task completion data
  • Main and subtask to make sure everything gets done
  • Supports multiple assignees in one single main or subtask 
  • Separate due dates for main and subtasks
  • Task reminder available to ensure no overdue tasks


  • Default RSVP for all events for manage attendance
  • Invite multiple or all members in the workplace/group to attend
  • Easily set date and location with map service
  • Attendance list with RSVP time


  • Supports options such as open/secret voting and vote change
  • Also multiple choice, and hide vote count until poll ends
  • Easily set start/end time and add images, URL links and files
  • Poll reminder available


  • Multiple types of files can be uploaded to support your ideas
  • All members can upload and download files


  • Supports a list of all photos in the community or group
  • All members can upload and download the photos
  • Photos can be moved from one album to another
  • Only you and the admins can delete the photos you uploaded

Human Resources

  • Employee profile management for HR staff
  • Internal calendar to keep track of working days and holidays
  • Contact information of all employees within the workplace
  • Coordinates with Leave


  • Coordinates with HR for managers to easily plan work schedules
  • Default leave types such as annual, sick and personal leave
  • Employees can easily check and track leave days

Conference Room

  • Book multiple conference rooms at once
  • Book online and send notifications to attendees
  • Coordinates with Events


  • Apply for expenses easily with your mobile device or PC
  • Default expense types such as transportation and travel
  • Managers can easily verify the applied expenses
  • Accounting department can view all records with once glance


  • Track work hours (clock in and out time of employees)
  • Clock in/out using your mobile device
  • See an overview of all clock records of your team

Customer Relations

  • Manage customer information and progress
  • Manage appointments