What is Notification Alert? And how can I change the settings?

When there’s an update related to the tools you use to interact with your team, you will receive a push notification on your mobile device when you are not actively using WorkDo. The Notification Center will display all the updates with a numeric value representing the number of new updates.

The notification methods include alert sound, vibration and daily reminder count. You could also opt to receive notification alerts, email alerts, event alarms and chat alerts of the selected groups and workplaces. Please follow the steps below to personalize your notification settings.

App Notification Settings
Applicable Device: MobileWeb

Click the “…” icon on the upper-right hand corner > App Settings > Notification Settings to change the settings.

  • Alert Sound: Recieve notification sounds for updates when the app is running.
  • Vibrate: Receive notification vibrations for updates when the app is running.
  • Daily Reminder: Receive daily notification of items on your to-do list once enabled.
Workplace Notification Setting
Applicable Device: MobileWeb

Click the Workplace Settings > Personal settings > Notifications to change the settings.

  • Notification Center: Controls the Workplace’s notification sound and vibration. When turned off, you will not receive notification sounds and vibrations unless you manually check the notification center.
  • Email Alert: Receive email notifications in your email inbox. The default email is set to your email listed in the HR tool, the email you used to register the account or the email used to link your account.
  • Event Alarm: Receive event alarms in advance when you reply Going/Maybe to events. Set your reminder time, default is set to 15 minutes prior to the event.
  • Chat Alert: Receive chat notifications. The top button determines the overall chat notifications are enabled or disabled, or you could individually turn the notification on/off for selected groups.
  1. When your email is either not set or entered incorrectly in Email Alert, you could
    • Have the HR tool admin go to HR > Employee > Profiles to update your business email.
    • Change your email if the HR tool is not enabled in your workplace.
      Click the “…” icon in the workplace > Account > Linked Emails to update your email.
  2. You will receive additional push notifications on your mobile device if you have never opened the WorkDo app before.



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