What do different roles do in a workplace or group?

Just like a real company, everybody all plays a different role to work and grow together, this concept is the same in WorkDo.

There are 3 key roles in a WorkDo workplace, and they are member, admin and owner, each with a different purpose and role to play to facilitate the running of the company.

Furthermore, with each tool, there are team members that are responsible for maintaining the settings and records other than using it, so each tool also has a tool role that limits team members’ permissions on what they can do with each tool.(Know more!

Now let have a closer look at each of the 3 roles in WorkDo!

1 │ Member

  1. Employees │
  2. Managers │ When members are assigned as managers with the HR tool, they hold the responsibility of signing off on various approvals and eforms and are allowed to view certain team and workplace data.

2 │ Admin

An admin is responsible for managing the settings of the workplace, group or between buddies. Each level could have more than one admins and they can do everything a member can on top of…

  1. Deleting or editing posts.
  2. Deleting comments.
  3. Managing members, including inviting, approving, removing members from workplaces and groups, whether to allow members to invite other people , block members, as well as employee termination settings.
  4. Level Management
  5. Activate or deactivate advanced tools and set tool roles

3 │ Owner

The owner of the workplace or group, the owner has the higheat authorization. The owner can also…

  1. Transfer ownership to to aother admin,
  2. Delete the workplace or group.
Who is the owner or admin?
Permission:All users
  1. On the workplace page.
  2. Select a workplace, group or buddy level.
    • Workplace – Click the workplace settings (Click the gear icon for the web version).
    • Group – Click the Groups tab on the workplace page and hold the desired group and swipe right, click the settings (Click the gear icon for the web version).
    • Buddy – Click the Buddies tab on the workplace page and hold the desired buddy and swipe right, click the settings (Click the gear icon for the web version).
  3. Select the Manage Admin option. The red crown is assigned to the owner, the blue crown is assigned the admin.

  • The owner and admin have almost the same authority. In a way of speaking, they are both “admins”, so unless otherwise specified, in all the WorkDo documents either one can be referred to as an admin.
  • Since the buddy level only has two members, both parties are admins.
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