Why do I have limited tool access?

Designed with company structure and access control in mind, WorkDo’s tools offer different roles (permissions) for each advanced tool. So, if there are certain functions that you can’t seem to locate, it is possible that you do not have the right tool role to access them. If this is the case, please ask the workplace admins to change your tool role.

Each tool has its unique settings and features, but only the tool admins could access and manage its information. So once a tool is enabled, please be sure to check everyone’s tool role is correctly assigned.

By default, WorkDo will automatically assign workplace admins with the highest tool role whenever a tool is enabled, everyone else will be assigned with the lower access level. It is up to the workplace admins to manually assign appropriate roles to each team member.

Know Your Tool Role
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Enable / disable tools for workplace / groups / buddies.
    • Workplace │ On the workplace page.
    • Groups │ On the workpalce page, tap the Groups tab to displace all the groups you are a part of.
    • Buddies │ On the workplace page, tap the Buddies tab to display all your buddies.
  2. Click on the Do button.
  3. Select a tool.
  4. Verify your tool role.
    • App | Click on the “i” on the top for your tool role inofrmation.
    • Web │ Your role is displayed next to the tool on the left.
Manage Members’ Tool Roles
Permission:MembersWorkplace adminsTool admins


  1. Select a tool in the desired workplace / groups / buddies level to change members’ tool roles.
    • Workplace │ Click the gear icon on the workplace page.
    • Groups │ On the workplace page, tap the Groups tab and swipe right and click Settings.
    • Buddies │ On the workplace page, tap the Buddies tab and swipe right and click Settings.
  2. Click Tool Box.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. Manage All Member Roles.
  5. Use the search bar to quickly locate a member.
  6. Click the edit icon on the right to change roles.

  • Currently only the advanced tools offer different tool roles and they are only avilable in the Premium Plan users. However, when you create a workplace in WorkDo, you will have a 30-day trial with all the tools avilable to you to try out. If you do not opt for the premium plan, by the end of the trial period, all the advanced tools will be turned off.
  • Only the admins are able to manage mebers’ tool roles, if you are not an admin of that level, managing tool roles is not avilable to you.
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