What is WorkDo Network?

How do I use WorkDo to work with clients and customers?
WorkDo Network was created to alleviate the external communication and collaboration hurdles that many users face.

Now with one WorkDo account, both internal and external communications are enabled by WorkDo!
What can you do in the WorkDo Network?

  • Add clients, suppliers and partners as buddies.

    Add your buddies is the best way for one on one communication!

  • Create a groups to collaborate.

    You can add clients, customers and suppliers as buddies put them into groups for external communication and collaboration.

  • Use the basic tools as you please!

    Once a group is created, you can freely use the available tools for collaboration. Of course, the Dashboard will remind you items that are due every day ensuring a smooth collaboration among partners.

  • Receive official WorkDo notifications.

    You will be notified of WorkDo’s new tools, features and events periodically.

Now it’s time for you to invite external partners to WorkDo and collaborate effortlessly!

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