What is Chat Alert? And how do I change its settings?

Chat Alert provides users with chat and event updates in the workplace and groups they are in, urging users to take part in the collaborative effort.

Users can either change the overall Chat Alert settings of WorkDo or change Chat Alert settings for a particular chatroom.

Chatroom Notification Setting
Plan:All palns
Permission:All users


  1. Click the Chats tab on the workplace page.
  2. Click and swipe right on desired chatroom for settings.
  3. Toggle the Chat Alert option to turn it on and off.

STEP │ Web

  1. Click Group Settings or Buddy Settings of the chatroom.
  2. Toggle the Chat Alert option to turn it on and off.

  • Read this FAQ if you’d like to change the workplace chat alert setting.
  • The notification settings of Android 8.0 or above devices will be directly applied to WorkDo, offering chat and event notifications by sound and/or vibration.
  • You will receive WorkDo’s push notifications upon installation if your device’s notification setting is turned on.
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