How does WorkDo handle the data and records of resigned employees?

Does WorkDo retain the messages, posts and records of resigned employees?

For a virtual workspace to operate seamlessly, it is important to know how data is being handled, especially for resigned employees. Fortunately, you came to the right place!

When employees are suspended, terminated even deleted, so long they haven’t left the workplace, all their chat histories, posts, files, records and data are still intact. However, when they have left the workplace, then things will be a little different.

1 │ Buddy Level

  • When an employee leaves the workplace, all colleagues are unbuddied, therefore, posts and chat histories between buddies are all erased. So please be sure to inform the workplace members and have them back up all necessary posts and files before their departure.
  • With the exception of chat histories, all posts can be restored if the resigned employee rejoins the workplace and adds their buddies back within one year.

2 │ Group and Workplace levels

  • Chat histories are retained for 5 year.All messages sent in the group or workplace chatrooms are retained for up to 5 years, including texts, photos, videos, locations, stickers and audio messages. We recommend that users save important project and task information using other tool posts.
  • Posts and RecordsAll tool posts and records, unless otherwise deleted by the tool admins, are kept forever.

3 │ Private Space & WorkDo Network
Employee claims the ownership of his/her WorkDo account, and the posts in their Private Space and the WorkDo Network are retained forever unless deleted by them.

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