How to transfer my workplace/group ownership?

You can transfer the ownership to others if you are the workplace or group owner.

(Topic of interest – How to add admins to the workplaces or groups I own?)

Transfer ownership to another admin
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  1. Select the workplace or group for change of ownership.
    • Workplace │ Tap on the workplace settings (Tap on the gear icon for the Web version).
    • Group │ From the workplace page tap on the groups tab, then swipe right and click on the gear icon.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click on Change Owner and select a member from the list.
    • App │ Click Change and confirm the action.
    • Web │ Click Change and confirm the action.

  • The ownership concept is not applicable on the buddy level.
  • The workplace owner must transfer the ownership first before leaving the workplace.
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