What settings in HR are required for new employees?

What do I do when new employees are on board?
What settings are tied to new employees?

Well, if all the tools your workplace needs to use are all activated, all you really have to do at this point is to edit their profile information and a few settings in the HR tool to get them hit the ground running!

Before we begin, please make sure that you have the authority to update employee profiles, meaning that your tool role is HR Staff in the HR tool.

HR Settings for New Employees
Plan:Free planPaid plans
Permission:MembersWorkplace AdminTool Admin
Tool Role:EmployeeManagerHR StaffHR Viewer


  1. Switch to the HR tool.
  2. Click Employee Profiles on the side menu.
  3. Click the edit icon next to the employee to begin editing.
  4. Update the information below.
    • Emloyee ID
      The Payroll tool requires the Employee IDs to send payslips to corresponding employees. So if your team is using Payroll, you need to assign an employee ID to everyone.
    • Login Email or Mobile Number
      Employee’s login email or mobile number will be displayed upon joining the workplace, please take the time to make sure the information is correct. If some employees are using Apple ID to log in to WorkDo, please refer to this FAQ to bind another email address to their account.
    • 1st & 2nd Deputy
      Set a deputy when an employee is on leave. In Leave Pro, there is an option to check whether the deputy is on leave before you are allowed to apply for leave. Skip if this is mandatory in your workplace.
    • Work Hour
      If your workplace has multiple hours or flexible work hours, assign one to the employee, if not, the default will be used.
    • On Board Date
      In Leave Pro, the system will automatically dole out leave days based on employee tenure or other user-specified conditions, so the on-board date will directly affect this. And employees cannot clock in/out before this date.
    • Dotted-Line Manager
      Can be used in the employee has to report to a second manager.
    • Process Signing Requests by Dotted-Line Manager
      If Yes, then the employee request signing flow will be changed to assigned dotted-line manager, by passing the original department flow.
    • Designated Approver
      If Yes, then this employee can be selected by others to process the requests without being assigned as a manager.
    • Department
      If the dotted-line manager is void, the signing requests will follow the department flow.
    • Employment Type
      This option controls employee’s ability to apply for overtime and leave, so don’t forget!
    • Gender
      Some leaves may be gender specific.
  5. Click Save and you should see all the changes refelcted and the employee can begin collaborating with the team now!


  • Before updating the employee profiles, please be sure that you have completed Start WorkDo in 5 Steps and other settings in HR.
  • In most instances, when employees are not able to apply for leaves, overtimes or post-clocks are caused by omitted settings in the HR, so please double-check every employees’ HR settings.
  • Note that even if the HR Staff has imported employees to the workplace, all the aforementioned information is still required for the employees to use all the advanced tools smoothly.
  • Wanna know the HR tool in detail? Check out the HR tool Manual!

Download HR Tool Manual

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