Can I control members from creating public or private groups?

As a workplace admin, you can choose not to allow members to create groups, public or private. And because this limitation does not apply to workplace admins, only workplace members, so workplace admins can still create groups whenever they need to.

  • Public Groups │ Searchable by anyone in the workplace and are open to all members.
  • Private Groups │ Unsearchable by anyone in the workplace and must be invited to join the groups.

Enable or Disable Group Creation
Plan:All plans
Permission:All membersWorkplace admins


  1. Click Workplace Settings.
  2. Select Workplace Privacy.
  3. Check appropriate options in the Members Can Create Groups section.
    • Public Groups │ Allow members to create public groups.
    • Private Groups │ Allow members to create private groups.
    • Both Turned On │ Members can freely create public or private groups.
    • Both Turned Off │ Members are not allowed to create groups.


  • WorkDo designed workplace, group and buddy levels for different types of collaboration, so generally speaking, we do not recommend that you disallow members from creating both public and private groups. However, if you are concerned about certain sensitive information, you may opt to disable members from creating private groups.
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