What are the benefits of using the Dashboard?

What is the Dashboard for? What are the benefits of using the Dashboard? Well, in a way, you can think of the Dashboard as your personal assistant or secretary; it always shows you items that await your decisions and replies, so in case you forget a thing or two in your hectic schedule, it will help you focus on things that require your attention!

The main design focus of the Dashboard is to save users’ time by organizing a to-do list for everyone, so users can quickly grasp what is happening in the workplace, and get an outlook on the things they need to do to manage their time and resources accordingly.

There is a Dashboard for each workplace, as well as the WorkDo Network and your Private Space, it reminds you of things that you need to pay attention to, making it the perfect assistant for users!

The Benefits of Dashboard

  • An automated to-do list that help you keep track of things.
    May it be the Dashboard Wall, Calendar, 8 basic tools, Workflow or Leave Overview, the Dashboard tells you all in a neatly and organized fashion, so you can immediately assess the priorities and resources.
  • All things that pertain to you.
    When things get hectic, you may be bombarded with notifications, some may be important to you, some may not be as important, but the Dashboard will help filter items that do not require your actions, so you can put your energy and focus where they matter.
  • Customizable Dashboard display.
    You may customize your Dashboard to your likings. Simply, long-press on an icon to initiate the customization process. Select tools and items you’d like to see on the Dashboard and hide the ones you don’t, then drag and drop to change their order.
Enter the Dashboard Screen
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users



  1. Switch to workplace, WorkDo Network or Private Space.
  2. Click the Dashboard button on the bottom of the screen.


  1. Switch to workplace, WorkDo Network or Private Space.
  2. Click the  icon to enter the Dashboard Wall then click on the tools or items to view its details.


  • The Dashboard automatically gathers items, posts and request forms that pertain to the user, as such, it is normal that everyone’s Dashboard differs from one another.
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