What is Wall? What is the difference between Wall and Dashboard Wall?

Wall is the space that exists in each workplace, group and your buddy where you can see all the workplace, group or buddy posts and activities, including Notes, Tasks, Polls, Events, Files and Albums.

Wall is also a great place to locate past posts when you forget who posted them or where they are posted!

1 │ What is Wall?
Wall is bulletin board where team activities are posted, and there is a wall for the workplace level, group level and buddy level.

  • The workplace wall is for workplace level posts and activities posted by the entire workplace.
  • The group wall contains the group posts and activities posted by a particular group, and each group has its own wall.
  • The buddy wall contains the buddy posts and activities posted between you and your buddy, and there is wall for you and each buddy.

2 │ What is the dashboard wall?
The Dashboard Wall is a shortcut to all the posts and activities across the entire workplace, including workplace, groups, buddies, WorkDo Network and Private Space. So if you remember certain activities or posts, use the dashboard wall to swiftly locate them.

  • The Dashboard Wall contains the activities and posts of the workplace, all the groups you are in, and between you and all your buddies.
  • The Dashboard Wall in the WorkDo Network contains the activities and posts of the Network, all the groups you are in, and between you and all your buddies.
  • The Dashboard Wall contains all your personal activities and posts.

3 │ The benefits using the wall:

  • View all activities and posts in one place.
    All the posts of the 8 basic collaboration tools in the workplace are chronologically listed, the wall gives users a quick glance of all the tool posts. Users can also create and edit posts with just a few clicks! Easy-peasy!
  • Pinned posts.
    Posts like Announcements, Notes, Tasks, Events and Polls can be pinned on the top of the wall highlighting their importance. So users can easily identify posts that are important.
  • Find posts with ease!
    The wall has a search function to help users locate posts, and the keywords used are saved for your convenience! Use it to your advantage!

Now that you know what the wall is for, isn’t it time to give it a try?

Enter Dashboard Wall
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


STEP │ App

  1. Click Dashboard.
  2. Click Dashboard Wall on the top to enter into Dashboad Wall.

STEP │ Web

  1. Click Dashboard.
  2. Click Wall to enter into Dashboard Wall.
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