WorkDo Network, Workplace, Private Space, what are they?

If you need a personal reminder, a place to keep your notes and references, or make up your own to-do list, the private space is precisely what you need!

Collaborate in workplaces and the private space is for your personal use.
1 │ What is WorkDo Private Space?
Every WorkDo member has a private space, and the private space is an independent level for personal use only. You are free to use the tools however you like to take notes and keep references. The private space is accessible only to you.
In other words, you could use the WorkDo Network with clients and people outside of your workplace, and internally use the workplaces, groups, and buddies for collaboration, then use the private space for personal reminders and such, so that all three facets are covered.
2 │ The Differences between Private Space, Workplace and Network.
Every WorkDo user must join at least one workplace or network. It is then the user can create groups and add buddies for collaboration. As such, the workplace and network are the highest levels, and all groups and buddies are attached to them. The private space is also its independent level, no one can join and access your private space, and no one except you can see its contents. It is truly your own private space!

  • Workplace │ An independent level for internal team collaboration with basic and advanced tools available.
  • Network │ An independent level for external communication and interactions with clients and customers with the basic tools available for use.
  • Private Space │ An independent level with basic tools available for personal use only. It is inaccessible to other members and groups.

3 │ What can You Do in the Private Space?

  • Note keeping
    Keep important notes, references, make a personal to-do list, your call! Totally private and completely safe!
  • Use the available tools to document
    The private space offers Notes, Tasks, Events, Albums, Files, and Links tools for you to use. You are free to use it however you want, and the integrated Dashboard will also remind you of things that are due to make sure that your day goes smoothly!

Feel free to use your private space now!

  • Your WorkDo account is yours for the keeping, even when you have left the workplace, everything in your Private Space and WorkDo Network remains intact, and you can still use the account to join new workplaces.
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