Can I batch-approve request forms?

The Workflow icon in the Dashboard is a one-stop-shop of all the requests you need to process and weigh in on. What is neat about Workflow is that you batch-approve multiple requests to save yourself some time.

So if you are a manager or designated approver, Workflow is something you need to utilize!

Please note that

  • Batch-approve only offers Approve and Reject options. If you need to escalate requests, you must individually perform the action.
  • You are not allowed to leave a comment when batch-approving requests.
  • There will be no action success pop-up message after the action.

Batch-Approve Requests
Permission:All users
Tool Role:EmployeeManagerHR StaffHR Viewer


  1. Switch to the workplace Dashboard.
  2. Click Workflow.
  3. Use the filters to find a particular request form or a category of requests to sign off on.
  4. Multi-select request forms.
    • App │ Click the multi-select button on the upper-right-hand corner then select requests.
    • Web │ Check the boxes in front of the requests.
  5. Approve / Reject │ Click Approve or Reject on the bottom of the screen if you are using the app, click Approve All or Reject All button if you are using the web version.


  • Batch-approve Leave Pro can only be done in the Dashboard Workflow, as for the rest of the requests, you may go to each tool’s Approve section to weigh in your decision.
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