A personalized Dashboard Calendar just for you.

When you use WorkDo, chances are that you are in multiple groups tackling different projects and assignments. Things could get a bit hectic when you have teammates assigning tasks and creating events, which is why the Dashboard Calendar is the best place for you to check out things that are only pertaining to you. In a way, the Dashboard Calendar is your personalized secretary.

The Dashboard Calendar filters out items that are irrelevant to you, so can you focus on things that truly require your attention. As such, it is normal that your calendar will look different than that of your teammates’ calendars in terms of posts and request forms.

The HR Calendar in the Dashboard integrates posts from the HR, Tasks, Events and Polls tools that require your attention. It is also connected to the HR Calendar to show you future public holidays, make-up work days, etc. so you can better manage your time and resources.

  • If the Calendar icon does not appear in your Dashboard, it is likely that it has been hidden. Press and hold an icon to adjust the icons and their order.
  • The only information that is consistent across all team members is the Leave Overview, everything else is personalize for you only.
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