Can I join multiple workplaces with my account?

Certainly. We understand that subsidiaries of global corporates and conglomerates collaborate on a different scale, so in WorkDo you could use one account to join different workplaces.

Simply put, once you register an account, you could create and join multiple workplaces, the workplace data and configuration are unique, independent and secure, perfect for operating remote teams!

  • Create, Join Workplaces
    You can create multiple workplaces and/or join other workplaces with different profiles, each workplace’s data is independent to reflect how your real-world workplace operates.
  • Collaboration in WorkDo Network
    WorkDo Network is created for you to collaborate with people from other companies. You could collaborate and create groups just like you would in the regular workplace.
  • Private Space
    The Private Space is for you to use any way you see fit. You could use it to save important notes, make a to-do list or create reminders, any way you want, and it’s entirely for you only!
Switching workplaces
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  • Click the workplace menu on the upper-left corner and a list of workplaces you are in will be displayed.
  • Click on desire the workplace to switch workplace domain.


Your WorkDo account is your own, in the event that you no longer work for the former company, you may use your account to join the new company.

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