Who is allowed to search or view my posts?

Although WorkDo promotes team collaboration, we understand that at times, information compartmentalization is crucial in carrying out certain tasks, and some sensitive information should not be made available to everyone in the workplace.

How does WorkDo handle information and at each level?

Well, if you have been wondering about this, then this FAQ is for you! Before answering this question, let’s go over the concept of “posts”.

When you use any one of the basic collaboration tools, a post will be created in the chatroom and wall notifying the others, this is a tool post.

To publish a post, you will first need to select an appropriate level, may it be the workplace, private space, or WorkDo Network. Once published, the tool post will be seen on the wall, tool wall, and in the chatroom.

One exception to this is that when using the Events and Tasks tools, creators are asked to select participants, and only participants will be able to view Events and Tasks posts pertaining to them.

  • Viewable by all level members │ All members in the level will be able to view, comment and reply to the post.
  • Viewable by creators and participants only │ Only the creators and selected participants will be able to view, comment and reply to the post.

So it is completely normal that your Dashboard Wall contains different notifications and posts to other team members, and not all posts will be made public to all members to search and view.

Post Search
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. You may begin your post search from
  2. Advanced search
    • Use keywords, Post-ID, Edit Time and Creaor to search for the post you are looking for.
    • You can also use the Service Item Type and Update Time to filter the posts.
  3. Click on one of the search result to view the post.
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