Use WorkDo Network with your customers!

Add buddies is the most simple and direct way to connect with your clients and customers in the WorkDo Network. So whether it’s internal collaboration or external, all you need is a WorkDo account, and you are all set!

When two are added as buddies, they can use the available tools to communicate and collaborate in private. Follow the steps below to add your contacts as buddies.

Add clients, customers, suppliers as buddies
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users

Instructions: There are multiple ways to add buddies, you can choose your preferred method and your business partners will receive your invite link to register and connect with you on WorkDo.

  1. Enter the WorkDo Network
  2. Click Add Buddy, then select a method to send the invite link.
    • Invite
      Share the invite link to your friends in messenger apps (Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger), send the invite link via email, SMS, or copy the invite link and manually share it with your business partners.
    • Contact List
      If your business partners are already in your mobile phone’s contact list, you can select the Contacts option to add them, if they are already using WorkDo, or invite them with email or SMS.
    • Suggestions
      This option will list the members of the WorkDo Network groups you are in, you can add them as buddies immediately.
    • QR Code
      You could scan each other’s QR code if your contacts are already using WorkDo.
    • Search via Do-ID, Mobile Number, Email
      Click Search and use any listed options to search your contacts and add them as your buddies.
  3. Add by Profile
    If you spot any one in WorkDo whom you wish to add as buddies, you can simple click their profile icon and them them instantly.

  • Your personal settings in WorkDo Network will determine whether you will auto accept buddy invitations. You can click the Personal Settings on the upper-left-hand corner then select User Privacy and toggle the Auto Accept option to change the setting.
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