WorkDo Network

WorkDo Network has Arrived!

When we first envisioned WorkDo being an integrated platform for internal team collaboration, we aimed to provide the best well-rounded team collaboration app out on the market. As we steadily refine and improve WorkDo’s features, our customers voiced that they needed a platform with similar functions that would facilitate cross-company collaboration.

With extensive planning and many trials and errors, today, we are glad to announce the feature you’ve all been waiting for is here. A cross-workplace collaboration platform with every feature intact for cross-workplace synergies, we dub it the “WorkDo Network”!



WorkDo Tips: Feedback

Here at WorkDo, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and we pride ourselves on providing the best team collaboration experience to our users. However, there are always ways we can keep improving WorkDo that we simply just haven’t thought of. In light of this, our Feedback function is your direct channel to tell us what you think. You can give us user feedbacks, comments, suggestions or report errors. We take your comments seriously, and they go a long way in helping us make the best platform for you and millions other users to collaboration on.


App settings

WorkDo Tips: App Settings

If you are one of those busy bees who are in multiple workplaces and need to stay on top of things, or you just simply don’t want to be bothered by work-related issues when you are on vacation, App Settings is where you need to go to enable and disable certain functions.


WorkDo sweepstakes winner

Congratulations to the Sweepstakes Winner!

Event: Invite 5 people and get a chance to win a US$300 gift card from Amazon! Winner: Wavez Entertainment LLC The drawing process and result: please click here Prize: The winner gets a US$300 gift card from Amazon U.S. WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION: On or about Friday, October 5, 2018, one (1) potential winner (“Winner”) will be[…]

WorkDo sweepstakes

Invite 5 people to join your workplace and get a chance to win a US$300 Amazon gift card!

Event Period:  September 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018 Eligibility and participation:  Within the event period, 1. Download and sign up for WorkDo. 2. Create a workplace and invite at least 5 people to successfully join your workplace. Winner announcement: WorkDo staff will check the number of eligible workplaces and randomly draw a winner from the workplace owners[…]

My shelf

WorkDo Tips: My Shelf

Generally, we all have so many work-related things occupying our minds; it is inevitable that we forget a thing or two in our personal lives. But thankfully, My Shelf can be a solution to this. My Self is your personal space in WorkDo that you keep things to yourself and yourself only. In My Shelf, you can create albums, notes, tasks and personal events as personal reminders or your private notebook, and they are for your eyes only.

We all know how difficult it can be to juggle work with your personal life, but with My Shelf, we hope we could alleviate some of the stress and help you achieve a perfect work-life balance.


My upcoming

WorkDo Tips: My Upcoming

Are you joggling meetings, events and work at the same time? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed? Well, ‘fraid not, because your personal secretary is here!

My Upcoming is your personal secretary at work. It’s your personal reminder that tells you when you have a scheduled meeting or a task is due. Nowadays, when multitasking is the norm, we often lose track of things, but with this feature, you will never be caught off guard with a previously planned meeting or task that you have forgotten.



WorkDo Tips: Accounts

Accounts, this is where you manage your account settings. Here you can edit your WorkDo ID, link your email/phone number, change the password and set federated accounts. The benefit of linking a federated account is that you can quickly log in to WorkDo from now on, without having to enter your password every single time.



WorkDo Tips: More

More is your personal setting management, your personal space. Here you can change your settings, find tutorial intro, FAQ, and keep your personal notes. Once you get yourself familiar with More, you are on the right track to keep everything organized.



WorkDo Tips: Dashboard

Have you ever get the feeling that you are overwhelmed by a slew of notifications? Well, worry not, the Dashboard is here!

WorkDo’s Dashboard is a centralized spot for you the get a good look at everything that’s been going on in your workplace. Its intuitive design allows the user to easily navigate through the menu and item selection while also serves as a shortcut to instantly put you in the loop with your colleagues.