WorkDo Tips: Dashboard

Have you ever get the feeling that you are overwhelmed by a slew of notifications? Well, worry not, the Dashboard is here!

WorkDo’s Dashboard is a centralized spot for you the get a good look at everything that’s been going on in your workplace. Its intuitive design allows the user to easily navigate through the menu and item selection while also serves as a shortcut to instantly put you in the loop with your colleagues.


  1. The Dashboard can be found on the bottom of your home screen.
  2. Click on the Dashboard button and select the type of service item for what you are looking for.
  3. The Dashboard gives you a clear read on what’s been happening among colleagues and workplace. It also serves as a reminder informing you upcoming events and tasks that are due, etc.
  4. Dashboard doubles as a shortcut to access different service items that can quickly get you in sync with your team.


For more information, please check out Resource Center: A comprehensive guide to WorkDo

Google Play (Android): WorkDo 3.7.13 and above
App Store (iOS): WorkDo 3.7.12 and above

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