Why do employees who are on leave still show up absent in the attendance report?

Don’t worry! Employee attendance is tied to the work hours set in the HR tool, and once you understand how everything is close-knit and works, you’ll come to appreciate the flexibility WorkDo offers.

Employees’ clock in/out screens will not show that they are not required to clock in/out even though they have applied for leaves, considering the fact that they could still cancel or withdraw the requests at the last minute.

As such, in the attendance report, when employees did not clock in/out in accordance with agreed work hours set in the HR tool, then they will be marked absent.

The system, however, will later check whether absent employees are on leave with the records in the Leave Pro tool. If they are on leave, the attendance report will show that they are absent because they are on leave. Therefore, when the HR Staff checks their attendance report before the system process this step at the end of the day, employees who are on leave will appear as if they are absent.

  • When an employee’s clock in/out times are on the same day, their complete attendance record will be available the next day.
  • When an employee has a cross-day clock out time, their complete attendance record will be available after their latest clock out time
Attendance Report Export
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminTool admin
Role:EmployeeManagerHR Staff


  1. Switch to the Attendance tool.
  2. Click the Attendance Report.
  3. Use the filter to refine your search.
  4. Report export.
    • Export PDF:In PDF format.
    • Export CSV:In Microsoft Excel format.
    • Export CSV with (Clock in/out) Date:Suitable for cross-day clock in/out employees. In Microsoft Excel format.
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