I forgot to clock in/out. What do I do?

Employee attendance is important in most workplaces but there are times when you forget to clock in or clock out once in a while. Fortunately, the post clock function gives you a chance to record your time.

Simply hit the Post Clock button to send a post clock application to the manager, and your time will be recorded once the manager approves it!


There are two factors that determine whether employees are required to clock in/out, and post-clock is a direct result of this; as such, two exceptions would prevent employees from post clocking.

  • Join the workplace after the On Board Date
    It is when you join the workplace would the system deem you as a valid member. If you join the workplace later than the On Board Date the HR Staff set for you, the system wouldn’t ask you to post clock for the void period before you joined the workplace.
  • Not set as one of the Members Required to Clock
    The time before you were required to clock doesn’t count towards your attendance record, so post clocks are not required.

RemedyHave the HR Staff help employees post clock, then the managers would follow the normal approval workflow to approve the post clocks.

Post Clock
Permission:All users


  1. Switch to the Attendance tool.
  2. Select a preferred method below.
    • Stats │ Click My > Stats (Monthly) > Click the list view button on the upper-right-hand corner > Absent Clock.
    • Clock In/Out │ Click the Clock In/Out tab then click on the date or the arrow buttons next to the date to change the date.
  3. Click Post Clock.
  4. Fill out the time and relevant information.
  5. Click Save to send out the post clock application.


  1. Switch to the Attendance tool.
  2. Click Clock In/Out Records.
  3. Hit the Post Clock button next a missed clock-in/out record.
  4. Fill out the time and relevant information.
  5. Click Save to send out the post clock application.


  • If the Absent Clock is 0 in the Stats (Monthly), it means there’s no need to apply for post clock requests.
  • Click My > My Claims to check the status of each post clock request.
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