How to sign off approvals on behalf of other managers?

Generally speaking, employee applications and approvals are sent to their corresponding department managers for signing, however, in certain scenarios, this may not be possible. This is why the workplace admins should set dotted-line managers to help sign off and process the employee requests.

All employee request forms follow the organizational chart set in the HR tool for approvals. Setting dotted-line managers will make sure that the workflow will not be impeded.

This setting has to be done using the web version of WorkDo, so please log into WorkDo from a web browser and follow the steps below to set the dotted-line managers.

Set Dotted-Line Managers
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminTool admin
Tool Role:EmployeeHR StaffHR Viewer


  1. Switch to the HR tool.
  2. Click Employee Profiles.
  3. Click the Edit icon of an employee.
  4. Edit the following fields.
    • Dotted-Line Manager
      Select an appropriate member.
    • Process Signing Requests By Dotted-Line Manager
      Click Yes to allow another member to process employee requests.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save. From now, all employee requests of this member will pass on to the selected dotted-line manager for approvals, and should the dotted-line manager escalates the requests, they will follow the signing flow that’s set for him/her.



HR Tool Manual

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