How to assign an approver?

Sometimes, cross-functional approvals are signed by different team leads and sometimes approvals don’t follow the regular workflow, instead, they are processed by designated approvers.

In either situation, if your approval or expense request does not go through your line manager or dotted-line manager, you may select from a list of designated approvers.

If the approver is not in the list of designated approvers, please save your approval or expense request draft first and ask the HR Staff to set the designated approver in the HR tool, then you can resume your approval process by selecting the approver for your request.

Designate an Approver
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STEP 1 │ Approval & Expense Request

  1. Save the draft if it’s already filled out and wait until the HR Staff has set a new designated approver for you, or you can send the request when the new designated approver is set.

STEP 2-1 │ Add a New Designated Approver (Method 1)

Click the HR tool in the web version then click on Approver Assignment.
Please note that, an employees doesn’t have be a manager to be assigned as an approver.
  1. Switch to the HR tool.
  2. Click Approver Assignment.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Select an employee.
  5. Click the blue Add button to confirm your selection. This employee is now a request approver.

STEP 2-2 │ Add a New Designated Approver (Method 2)

Alternatively, approvers can be set in their employee profiles.
  1. Swtich to the HR tool.
  2. Click Employee > Profiles.
  3. Click the an employee’s Edit icon.
  4. In the Designated Approver filed, check Yes.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save. This employee is now a designated approver.


  • A designated approver can be selected to process the expense or approval request in each level of the workflow based on your workplace’s structure.
  • For detailed information and tutorials on how to use the Expenses and Approvals tools, please refer to the manuals below!

Expenses Tool Manual Approval Tool Manual

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