Start WorkDo in 5 steps.

Not sure what to do after registration? Take it easy, now we’ll show how to get your workplace up and running in 5 simple steps!

With the correct settings and user-defined rules, a virtual workplace in WorkDo can perform real-life routine practices and operations of your workplace. Here’s how!

Start WorkDo in 5 Steps
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STEP 1 │ Create a Workplace
The first thing you should do after registration is to create a virtual workplace, then you can follow the next step and bring your teammates and collaborate on board.

How to create a workplace?

Create workplace (Company email domain)

Create workplace (Free email domain)

View file:WorkDo Quick Start Settings

STEP 2 │ Invite Teammates to Your Workplace
In this step you could either ask your teammates to join your workplace or have the workplace admin send join invites.

  • Trial run:We recommend you invite at least 1 to 3 people assigned with different roles into the workplace to help try out all the tools and features in the trial run.
  • Adoption:Invite the rest of the your team into the workplace and deligate their roles accordingly by repearting Step 3 and 4.

How to invite people to a workplace?
Can I join the company workplace on my own?

Member invite (Company email domain)

Member invite (Free email)

View file:WorkDo Quick Start Settings

STEP 3 │ Set Workplace Admins
You are assigned as the workplace owner by default upon creating the workplace. The ownership can be transferred if need be, you should also assign other members, typically HR and/or IT staff, as admins to help manage the workplace and various settings.

How to add admins to workplaces or groups?

Add admin

View file:WorkDo Quick Start Settings

STEP 4 │ Set Tool Roles
Wanna enable payroll management, automated leave system, overtime calculation or Wi-Fi / GPS clock in / out? Whatever you need, they are in the tool box!

Just as a company has different people and managers to access different data and files, the tool roles in WorkDo ensure that members would use the tools and access the data with their permission for information compartmentalization.

How to activate / deactivate a tool?
Why do I have limited tool access?

Tool activation & tool roles

View file:WorkDo Quick Start Settings

STEP 5 │ Customize Tool Settings
Taking into consideration that each workplace operates differently, the tools in WorkDo are just as flexible to cater to workplaces of various industries and team cultures. In this step, you will learn how to customize the tool settings that can best represent how your workplace truly operates.

Tool settings

View file:WorkDo Quick Start Advanced Tools


  • Although listed as admins only, all users are able to create workplaces, i.e. Step 1, however, from Step 2 forward, are only the admins are allowed.
  • By now, your workplace should be up and running, but if you need more detailed explanation, please use the guides below.

Download Quick Start Settings (Step 1 to 4) Download User Guides (Step 5)

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