Why do some of the leave requests are automatically escalated?


If you approve a leave request and it still got escalated, it’s most likely that it has met the criteria of auto-escalate rules.

There are auto-escalation rules in Leave Pro that will escalate the requests to the upper management when the rules are met.

The auto-escalation rules are set to ensure that the workplace management is aware when employees are taking long leaves, so the company can better allocate its resources. If you are a workplace manager, you may ask the HR Staff of Leave Pro to verify or change the rules of auto-escalation.

Long Leave Auto-Escalation Rules
Permission:MemberWorkplace AdminTool Admin
Role:EmployeeManagerHR StaffHR Viewer


  1. Switch to the Leave Pro tool.
  2. Click General Settings.
  3. Click the Edit button under the Schedule tab.
  4. Set the long leave rules.
    • Long Leave Threshold
      When a leave request meets this number, it is considered as a long leave and will automatically got escalated.
    • Advance Notice (Long Leave)
      Fill in the number of days that is required for advance notice when employees take long leaves.
      When employees request for long leaves at a short notice, the leave requests will be marked as “urgent”.
      Example:When 5 is entered, employees who apply for long leaves under a 5-day notice will be marked as “urgent”.
    • Auto Escalate for Long Leave
      Yes │ Long leaves will be automatically escalated when the first-line managers approve them.
      No │ Automatic escalation is not required. When first-line managers approve them, the process is completed.
  5. Click the Save button the complete.


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