How do I create new departments in the organization?

Is there anything I should be aware of when creating new departments?

Before we begin, let’s not forget that all applications, approvals, and requests follow the workflow set in the HR tool’s Department Chart. As such, the department chart is crucial for your organization’s day-to-day workflow and department expansion.

Please refer to the instructions below to create new departments and restructure the department chart and hierarchy.

Restructure the Department Chart
Permission:MemberWorkplace AdminTool Admin

1 │ Update Department Information
Updating the department information will not affect the features and functions in any way, nor to the employees that are assigned to the department and how they use WorkDo on a daily basis.

2 │ Deactivate Department
Currently, the delete function is not offered in Department Chart, but you may deactivate closed-down departments.

Below are three things you need to know when deactivating departments.

  • Employees’ department assignment, and these records can be found in the Records of Change option, and remember to reassign employees to other departments before deactivating a department.
  • Employees’ clock in/out times, leave, overtime applications and attendance will comply with their new department’s HR Calendar.
  • Use the search filter in the Department List find the list of deactivated departments.


Create New Departments
Permission:MemberWorkplace AdminTool Admin

STEP 1 │ Use the Right HR Calendar
The HR Calendar is responsible for determining which days are workdays and which days are public holidays, makeup workdays, etc, this is connected to the Attendance, Leave, Leave Pro, and Overtime tools. So if a department operates on a different calendar and schedule, be sure to select the right calendar for the team.

When a new department is created, it will use the default HR Calendar for its team, but if it uses a different HR Calendar, please refer to HR Tool Manual’s Step 2-e to create or update an HR Calendar.

STEP 2 │ Use the Right Work Hours
The department Work Hours determine clock in/out times of the department. When a new department is created, it will use the default work hours. Please refer to HR Tool Manual’s Step 2-b to create or update work hours.

STEP 3 │ Leave Pro – Set the Corresponding Leave Types
Each type of leave in the Leave Pro tool is automatically granted to each employee based on a number of conditions, so it is important to use Leave Pro to set employees’ leave conditions and statuses for them to receive the appropriate amount of leaves. Please refer to the Leave Pro Tool Manual’s Addendum 1 for detailed explanation and instructions.


  • The System Settings and Employees Profiles will also affect the eForm workflow. Please refer to the HR Tool Manual for details.
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