Why are employees’ leaves don’t add up? How do I fix them?

In principle, if you follow the instructions in setting up the Attendance tool correctly, all employees will get their leaves. But in case you have any employee whose leaves are incorrect, please follow the steps in this FAQ to adjust employee leaves.

Be sure that your tool role in Attendance is HR Staff then you may begin the troubleshotting procedure by using the web version of WorkDo.

Troubleshooting Incorrect Employee Leaves
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminTool admin
Tool Role:EmployeeManagerHR Staff


STEP 1 │ Check Leave Records
Employee could use Leave Records to verify if their personal leaves are correct, or the HR Staff could use Company Leave Records to perform the same move.

  • Leaves were incorrectly given at the start │ Follow STEP 2 to 4 this is the case.
  • Incorrectly set by other HR Staff │ Follow STEP 4 to rectify employee leaves.
  • Leave Deduction / Compensatory Leaves / Canceled Leaves
    • Employees may cancel their leave applications if they are not approved yet.
    • Managers could approve or reject employee leave applications.
    • Incorrectly set HR Calendar may result incorrect employee leave balances.

STEP 2 │ Check Employee Profile
Some leaves are tied to employees’ tenures in the company, so if the leave is given based on employees’ tenures, you need to check whether the information is correct in their Employee Profile in the HR tool. You may also refer to this FAQ for the HR settings details.
STEP 3 │ Check the Rules of Each Leave Type
When new rules are set for a leave type, they are applicable to new employees, and employees who become eligible for this leave, else, the new rules will be applied the next time it auto-grants. This is done so in consideration that some employees may have applied for this leave already, so in keeping the data correct and consistent, therefore, the system will not change any leave records retroactively.

  • When employee tenure does not affect this leave type.
    In the Detail tab, please check the Default Leave Quota and whether this leave is given in proportion to new employees are correct.
  • When employee tenure does affect this leave type.
    In the Auto Grant tab, please check the Grant Frequency is set correctly.
  • Grant Frequency
    Depending on the option chosen for Grant Frequency, it determines when the leaves are given and in full or not. If you missed this setting when creating a leave type, please follow STEP 4 to rectify it.

    • By Employee Tenure
      Unless employees have reached the set tenure, they will not receive any leaves until the condition is met.
    • By a Specified Date
      Employees will receive the leaves in full when the set date is reached.

STEP 4 │ Adjust employee leaves
Please refer to STEP 2-c of the Leave Pro Tool Manual to adjust employees’ leave balances or you may use the Import Employee Balance to adjust multiple employees’ leave balances.
What are the essential settings of Leave Pro?



Leave Pro Tool Manual

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