Why can’t I add buddies using their User ID, email or mobile number?

Due to personal privacy reasons, every user can select the different methods of how they would like to be found, including Do-ID, email or mobile number.

  • Do-ID
    Every Do-ID is unique, so using the Do-ID is the surefire way to search out and add buddies.
  • Email / Mobile Number
    If your coworkers are using federated accounts, meaning that they have bound an email or mobile number to their accounts, you can use either information to search them out and add them as buddies.

So how come I still can’t find coworkers even when I have entered their information correctly?

This is probably due to they do not permit others to search them out using their Do-ID, email or mobile number in Methods of Finding Me settings. Once they have allowed being searched out by other users, you may try to add them as buddies again.

Methods of Finding Me
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Methods of Finding Me
    • App │ Click the icon on the main function screen > Click App Settings > Click Methods of Finding Me.
    • Web │ Click the icon > Click App Settings > Click Methods of Finding Me on the side menu.
  2. Verify settings
    • Do-ID, Email, Mobile Number and Display Name.
    • Public Email and Mobile Number to allow others to view the information.
  3. Change Settings
    • Toggle the button to allow or deny each option.
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