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There are various chat message options you can use, but do you know what each option does or when to use them?

Being the basic and number one choice of communication method, you can send texts, photos,  emojis, stickers, audio messages, even making audio or video calls, but did you know aside from recalling and deleting sent messages, you can also copy, forward or create action items. Let’s go through each function and when you should use them.

1 │ Copy

  • Copy a text message in its entirety, it can be pasted to external apps.
  • Only one text message can be copied at a time.

2 │ Forward

  • Forward messages to other groups or chatrooms.
  • You may select multiple messages for forwarding.

3 │ Post to Notes(App Only)

  • Best used for when you want to organize a topic conversation and do not want the messages flooded.
  • You can select multiple messages to be posted in a note, photos not included.
  • The messages will be listed in a note, you can edit the content before publishing.

4 │ Post to Tasks(App Only)

  • Best used when you want to make immediately create a task out of a topic conversation and be able to track its progress.
  • You can select multiple messages to be posted in a task, photos not included.
  • The first message will be the main task and the rest of the messages will be the subtask you can edit the content before publishing.
Copy, Forward, Post to Notes, Tasks
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Enter the workplace.
  2. Click main function Chats to display all the chatrooms.
  3. Enter a chatroom and open the option menu.
  4. Copy, Forward, Post Notes, Post to Tasks.
    • App │ Press and hold on a message then select an option.
    • Web │ Right-click on a message then select an option.
    • Multi-select messages │ Available to Forward, Post to Notes & Post to Tasks.
  5. Finish by selecting a destination to post.


  • It is common for some functions in WorkDo to perform differently on different interfaces, such is the case with the chat message options.
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