The “Do” button or the “+” button, which one do I use?

As the only all-in-one team collaboration app on the market, WorkDo packs quite a punch! And we also understand that you gotta be able to switch tools on the fly to seamlessly collaborate with folks on different teams and projects.

This is no simple task, but WorkDo did it! With the help of the “Do’ button and the “+” button, users can swiftly access different tools and create different tasks.

Do │ Switch Tools

There is a Do button in each level (workplace, group and buddy), by clicking it, you can instantly access all the available tools you can use at that level. Simply put, it takes you directly to the tool box so you can select the right tool to use.

The Do button comprises all the basic tools and advanced tools, so just click the Do button to see what tools are available and how you can use the available tools to engage with your team.

+ │ Create

Normally, to initiate an action, you need to find the right group then select the tool for the appropriate action, but this can get frustrating when you need to create multiple tasks across different groups. The + button allows you to quickly create a task or begin an action then select the right group or level to post.

From now on, simply return to the main screen and use the + button to create items to save yourself valuable time!

Use the + Button to Create Items
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Enter the main workplace page.
  2. Click the Create button.
    • App │ Located on the bottom main functions.
    • Web │ Located on the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Select the tool to initiate the action.


  • Invite Members, Create Group, Add Buddy and the QR code scanner are additional app-only features.
  • Only the set number of tools you frequently use will appear when you click the + button. The idea is to streamline your workflow with the tools you frequently use.
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