Can I upload stickers?

A sticker is worth a thousand words!

There are a few sets of default stickers you may use in the chatroom, but if you want, you may upload your own stickers to make conversations more lively and fun!

And if you like a sticker sent by other people, you can save it to your library.

Upload Stickers
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Enter the workplace.
  2. Click the Chats tab for available chatrooms and groups.
  3. Enter a chatroom.
  4. Add stickers to the library.
    • Add other people’s stickers to your library.
      Long press on a sticker you like then click Add Sticker to save it to your library.
    • Upload stickers to your library.
      Click the emoji icon on the bottom-left corner of the chatroom, then click the rectangular face icon followed by the + button to upload a sticker to the library. Finally, click Done to finish.
  5. Once stickers are added to your library, you may use them immediately.

  • Supported sticker format include jpg, png, gif, etc. with(W)320 X (H)320 pixels.
  • Do not infringe intellectual property rights when uploading stickers. 
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