How do I check off a task when it’s completed?

You can check an assigned task off the list and let everyone know you’ve done your part!

When you are assigned a task, you can click the circle displayed on the left of the task to check it off. So anyone who sees this will know that you have completed the assigned task. If there is a task with no circles to check off, it means this task is not assigned to you, you just have the authority to view this task.

Now follow the instructions below to see if anyone has assigned a task to you!

Check Off a Task
Plan:All plans
Permission:Task assignees


  1. Click the Dashboard.
  2. Click the Tasks on the Dashboard and it will list all the incomplete tasks that have been assigned to you.
  3. Click on a task to view its details.
  4. Click on the circle to check it off the list, signaling others that you have completed the given task.

  • When a task has been checked off, it will no longer be in the incomplete tasks section, instead, it will be moved to the completed tasks section. 
  • Check out the user guide for more detailed explanation now!

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