What’s the file upload size in WorkDo?

It is common practice to upload and share files as references with your team in modern workplaces, so what are the file upload size and limitations? And is it better to attach files in tool posts or use the Files tool instead?

Well, let’s find out!

1 │ Are there any differences between uploading files to tool posts and the Files tool?

Yes, as attachments, the file upload size is smaller in general tool posts as opposed to in the Files tool.

  • Tool Posts

    Tool posts refer to posts created using Announcements, Notes, Tasks, Events and Polls. The file upload size is set to 20 megabytes per file upon creating or editing the post.

  • Files Tool

    The Files tool allows files of up to 200 megabytes to be uploaded and shared with your team.

2 │ What to do when a file is too large to attach to the tool post?

Backlink it – You can upload the file using the Files tool then obtain the link and paste it into the original tool post.

3 │ How to save workplace storage space?

Uploading files and attachments will use up the workplace storage space,  and the workplace’s total storage space is dependent on the workplace’s subscription plan and the number of users.

Tips on saving storage space!

  • Avoid uploading the same files multiple times.
    Use the backlink method as described above to avoid taking up necessary storage space.
  • Timely back up and delete outdated files.
    It is highly recommended that your workplace IT staff periodically back up important files and delete outdated files and posts to free up the workplace storage space.


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