How to delete a chatroom?

You can delete outdated chatrooms for a cleaner look or free up some memory in your device, however, once a chatroom has been deleted, there is no way to retrieve the deleted messages.

Please note that deleting a chatroom does not mean that you have left the chatroom or group, you are merely deleting all existing messages up to this point, new messages sent to the chatroom will still pop up and all assigned tasks and related tool posts are still valid.

Delete a Chatroom
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Switch to the workplace page.
  2. Click the Chats tab and select a group or chatroom.
  3. Delete a chatroom.
    • Tap and hold a chatroom then click Delete.
    • Swipe left on desire chatroom and select Delete.
    • Confirm the action in the pop up window to complete the deletion.
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