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Main Settings

As a workplace admin, you can choose not to allow members to create groups, public or private. And because this limitation does not apply to workplace admins, only workplace members, so workplace admins can still create groups whenever they need to.

  • Public Groups │ Searchable by anyone in the workplace and are open to all members.
  • Private Groups │ Unsearchable by anyone in the workplace and must be invited to join the groups.

Enable or Disable Group Creation
Plan:All plans
Permission:All membersWorkplace admins


  1. Click Workplace Settings.
  2. Select Workplace Privacy.
  3. Check appropriate options in the Members Can Create Groups section.
    • Public Groups │ Allow members to create public groups.
    • Private Groups │ Allow members to create private groups.
    • Both Turned On │ Members can freely create public or private groups.
    • Both Turned Off │ Members are not allowed to create groups.


  • WorkDo designed workplace, group and buddy levels for different types of collaboration, so generally speaking, we do not recommend that you disallow members from creating both public and private groups. However, if you are concerned about certain sensitive information, you may opt to disable members from creating private groups.
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A workplace is a place for you, your company and all your coworkers to communicate and collaborate together. The workplace is designed to be secure and safe for your company with multiple levels of privacy settings. You can also create groups within the company for different departments, projects, or topics.

Within a workplace, you can chat, create tasks, view events, upload files and even make a poll with your colleagues. Also, you can use the HR, Leave, Expense, Conf. Rm. and CRM tools to better manage your company.
The 7 benefits of having a workplace in WorkDo

  • All-in-One

    WorkDo is a true all-in-one collaboration platform that integrates all to tools you need to communicate, collaborate and operate. WorkDo effectively reduces your company’s costs of having to maintain multiple servers and IT equipment on your own.

  • Secure Access Control

    WorkDo only allows your colleagues to join your secure workplace. There are various ways that you could use to invite the right people to join your workplace, leave it to us to block out the unwanted individuals.

  • The Perfect Virtual Workplace

    WorkDo is excellent if your workplace requires multiple discussion groups for different tasks, teams, purposes, etc. The abundant amount of tools guarantee that there’s always the right tool for the job!

  • Flexible Permissions

    Each employee could have different permissions in WorkDo, and different tool permissions allow different employees to use the tools in different ways. Changing permissions is as easy as a few clicks by the workplace admins.

  • Report Export

    WorkDo keeps track of all the data and records for you, may it be attendance, vacations, approvals and employee information. Download the report you need and customize it the way you want it, it’s all here!

  • Swiftly Remove Former Employees

    When an employee part ways with the company, that person could no longer access the workplace data, and everything will be kept for reference, including files and chats.

  • Reduce IT Costs

    No servers, no IT staff, no maintenance fees. We’ll handle the security, upgrade and maintenance, so you can focus reaching your goals, together!

Create Your Workplace

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Creating a workplace in WorkDo is easy! All it requires is a valid email address for account verification purposes.

When creating a workplace, you are given the choice of either using a company email address or a free email address. The differences are explained below.

Plan: All plans

Permission: All users

Interface: App      Web

Company Email Address

Applicable: For teams that use company email addresses.
Pro: Employees that have the same company email addresses will be automatically invited to join the workplace instead of manually inviting, saving precious time.

  • A single company email domain can only be used to create one workplace and only members with the same company email domain will auto-join the workplace.
  • Any company email address is unique and for one individual. Avoid mistaken identity!
  • By following the steps in creating a workplace, the first person to use the company email address and complete the account verification will be assigned as the owner of the workplace (The ownership can be transferred to other members later on).
  • The rest of the team members can auto-join the workplace using the company email.


  1. On the Join/Create Workplace page.
    • Complete the workplace registration.
    • Click the Menu button ( ) and select Join/Create Workplace.
  2. Click Create New Workplace.
  3. Enter your company email address.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Verification process
    • If you used the company email for your personal account registration, please go to step 6.
    • If you used an email address that is different from your company email address, please retrieve the verification code from your company email inbox and input it on the screen.
  6. Enter the company information On the workplace home screen to complete.
Free Email Address

Applicable: For teams that use free email addresses(@gmail, @yahoo…etc.)
Pro: Everyone has to be manually invited and verified first before joinning the workplace.

  • Unique email address, no mistake of identity!
  • By following the steps in creating a workplace,you will be assigned as the owner of the workplace (The ownership can be transferred to other members later on).
  • Target invite members to join the workplace, verification process is no longer required.


  1. On the Join/Create Workplace page.
    • Complete the workplace registration and you will be led to the workplace home screen.
    • Click the Menu button ( ) and select Join/Create Workplace.
  2. Click Create New Workplace
  3. Click Create with free email
  4. Fill out the necessary information
  5. Click Done
  6. The workplace home screen will be shown indicating the registration completion.

  • A company email domain is recognized by the company name followed by the @ sign in the email address (ex. johndoe@company.com). Most company email domains are paid services, however, there are exceptions that even Google’s @gmail.com is used as a company email domain. So please check with your IT staff before registration.
  • If your company is a multinational conglomerate or has branch offices, you could simply use the same account and create a new workplace and manage multiple workplaces with the same account.
  • If a former employee created a workplace using the company email that is no longer needed, please ask them to delete the workplace or contact us for assistance.
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