Can I bind the company email domain when I created the workplace using a free email domain?

No problem, you can bind the company email domain even if you originally used a free email domain to create a workplace in WorkDo!

Whether you use Google’s Gmail, Apple’s iCould Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail or whatever free email service to create a workplace, whenever you decide to bring your team on board, you can bind the company email domain to quick have everyone joined to your workplace.

If you are a workplace admin, you can follow to instrunctions below to bind your company email domain.

Company Email Domain Binding
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace admin


  1. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Workplace Binding.
  3. Click Add Binding email.
  4. Input your company email address.
  5. Click Submit and verify the correctness of the email address.
    • Press Cancel to go back.
    • Press Confirm to proceed email verification process.
  6. Check your company email inbox for the verification code and input it back to the screen.
  7. Click Submit to complete the company email domain binding process.
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