Why can’t I find groups to join?

There are a few possible reasons why you can’t find groups to join, such as workplace is not allowed to create groups, all groups are private or you are blocked by the groups.

Unable to Find Groups Troubleshoot
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users

STEP 1 │ View Public Groups
All groups with privacy set to public will you be able to find them in the public groups and join.
Learn how to find public groups here!

STEP 2 │ Workplace Does Not Allow Creating Groups
See if your workplace allows group creation.

STEP 3 │ Check if Groups are Private
If your workplace allows creating groups and you are unable to find groups to join, it’s most likely that they are set to private or there aren’t any. Should this happen, you will need to ask workplace admins or team members to verify.

STEP 4 │ Blocked by Group Admins
When a member has been blocked by the group they are also unable to find it unless the group admin unblock them using the Group Settings..

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