How do I edit the company information?

If you are a workplace admin, you may edit the company information including company name, workplace image, description, operating hours, address, contact number, website, even the welcome message, etc.

You may use this function to keep the your workplace information up to date.

Edit Workplace Information
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace admin


  1. Click the Workplace Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Workplace Profile.
    • App │ Select Workplace Info then click the Edit button.
    • Web │ Click the Edit button next to the company name.
  3. Fill out or update all the necessary information.
  4. Click Done / Save to finish.


  • When the workplace name or image is changed, a message will be sent to the chatrooms notifying members of the change made instead of a notification, since this does not affect members’ daily workflow.
  • Workplace Address in the Workplace info does not have to be the same address listed in the billing information.
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