How do I join other public groups in the workplace?

Joining the right groups not only improves your collaboration effort but also helps you assimilate into the company culture. Wanna know what public groups in the workplace you can join? Find out now!

Click the Public Groups on the Workplace page and you will find all the public groups available to join.

Join Public Groups
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users



  1. Click the Workplace tab. (See WorkDo app general navigation)
  2. Click the Public Groups next to the Do button.
  3. Select groups and click Join.



  1. Click the Workplace-01 icon. (See WorkDo web general navigation)
  2. Click Public Groups.
  3. Select groups and click Join.
  4. Alternatively, you can click the public groups icon on the side menu to join groups.

  • Public Groups (N): The N represents the avilable public groups you can join. 
  • If the Auto Accept option is turned off, your join request needs to be approved by the group admin before joining the groups
  • If the Auto Accept option is turned on, you will join the groups immediately.

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