How to activate / deactivate a tool?

Only workplace and group owners and admins can activate or deactivate tools used for the workplace or group. Between buddies, both can activate and deactivate.

To activate or deactivate tools within a workplace or a group or between buddies, there are two ways:

From workplace/group settings page:

-Tap on Tools or Manage Tools in buddy settings page.
-Switch to the Available tab to see the list of tools available to use for this workplace, group, or between buddies.
-Go to the one you wish to activate, the tap on the Activate button. Members can only request the tool the members wish to use. Admins will receive the notification and decide whether to activate the tool or not.

From Do page within workplace/group/buddy:

-Tap the “Take Me To Tool Box”.
-Find the one you wish to activate.

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