How to activate or deactivate a tool?

Can’t find the tools you are looking for? Are there tools that your team doesn’t need? Want a cleaner UI?

Tools like Attendance, HR, and Approvals that help improve your workflow and operations are what we categorize as advanced tools, and you can choose to activate and deactivate these tools if you so desire. This is solely dependent on whether your team needs them for its daily routine or not.

Some of the advanced tools are automatically enabled upon workplace creation, but you can deactivate the tools that you don’t need and activate those you need.

Tool Activation / Deactivation
Plan:FreePaid plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminsTool admins


  1. Select the level (workplace, group, buddy) of the tools you wish to activate or deactivate.
    • Workplace – Click the name of the workplace for the workplace settings (Click the gear icon for the web version).
    • Group – Click the Groups tab on the workplace page then swipe right for Settings.
    • Buddy – Click the Buddies tab on the workplace page then swipe right for Settings.
  2. Click Tool Box
  3. Select the tool
  4. Activate or deactivate
    • Activate – Click Activate to enable the tool.
    • Deactivate – Click Manage then tap the switch to deactivate the tool.

  • The advanced tools are available to the customers of the paid plans. However, all users have a 30-day trial period to try out all the advanced tools and features. After 30 days, all users will be switch to the Free Plan, at which point you will not be able to access the advanced tools unless you subscribe to one of the paid plans.
  • Only the admins of their respective levels (workplace, group, buddy) are able to activate and deactivate advanced tools.
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