About tool availability.

Here’s a few possibilities if there are tools that are not available for use.

  • Unable to use Notes, Tasks, Events or other basic tools.
    This is due to the option Who Can Post is set to owner and admins in the the Workplace Privacy.
  • Unable to use Attendance, Leave Pro, CRM or other advanced tools.
    Only the workplace admins and group admins have the authority to decide what advanced tools to make available to team members. If you are unable to use any of the advanced tools, please check whether the tools have been activated or your permission to use the tools, aka, your tool roles.

Check Your Tool Roles


  1. Choose the workplace, group or buddy level.
  2. Click Tool Box in the settings.
  3. Check tool activation status or tool role.
    • Permission (Tool Role)
      On the Activated tool tab, the role below each tool will display your authorization.
    • Request
      Click Request on the tool tab to send a notification to the workplace admins asking to enable a tool for use.

  • The advanced tools are for paid plans only. During the trial period, users will have 30 days to try out all the tools upon creating a workplace. After the trial period expires, users will no longer be able to use the advanced tools.
  • Instead of the Request button for most users, the admins will have the tool activation button in its place.
  • In the buddy level, both parties are admins by default, unless otherwise changed.
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